Os Canais (sicsic080)

by Lieven Martens Moana



„Os Canais sprouted on a boat, while wavering inside an old canal system. Inside the memento of the hearth of altepepl Tenochtitlan. Where we dressed ourselves in the highstrung robes of history. And subconsciously warbled a symbolic counterpoint to flashes of the boiling torso being the current Ciudad De Mexico. And afterwards, our exhaled alphabet left sightless traces full of meaning. Like the diagrams in the sand, peering after a dance of the Judwalis.“ Lieven in his on words. If only Joachim-Ernst Berendt was still around to hug his brother from another mother! Maybe he still is, tweeting secret message from the other side of this marvellous tape full of field recorded day-dreams.


released October 4, 2014

Os Canais

This collage is the ambiance which existed during an hour long interview for a documentary on Wietske Van Gils and myself, by Patrick Danse. These are the invisible traces of our motions, and our ideas, in between the words.

Performed by Patrick Danse, Wietske Van Gils, and Lieven Martens Moana
Xochimilco, Mexico, march 2014

The Bird Sings (Variations)

The bird
mimicks the wind

The filter sings a fowl

And there is an a, a b and a c
all communed, in expectancy

Inside this magnetic tape,
der Vogel singt

For SicSic Tapes.
Recorded at Cetacean Nation Studios, Antwerp. April 2014.
Instr. field recordings, bells, computer, analogue filter, sound module, tape.
Photography by Wietske Van Gils and Lieven Martens Moana.

Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 90.


all rights reserved



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