1. Split (sicsic072)
    Alpár / S Olbricht + Carla Under Water

  2. In-Vis-O (sicsic071)
    Deep Catalogue

  3. Aprilnacht (sicsic075)
    Brannten Schnüre

  4. The Weight of your Absence (sicsic074)
    L.V. Morris

  5. Starlight Express (sicsic070)
    Portopia '81

  6. Lesser Invocations - Split (sicsic073)
    Pierrot Lunaire / Sleeper

  7. Tod der Blauen Banane (sicsic067)

  8. A Forest of Drones and Pulses (sicsic065)

  9. Troposphere Themes (sicsic068)
    Gora Sou

  10. Interview for five Voices (sicsic066)
    Ray Fenwick

  11. Cycle of the Season (sicsic039)
    Least Carpet / Pretty Lightning / Jon Collin / Karnak Temples

  12. Secondary Efflorescence on the Dam of the Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station (sicsic063)
    Atrocious Neighbour / Obsidian Pond / Komodo Haunts

  13. presents Album 01 Part 01 - The Time - Freshman (sicsic064)
    Broken Machine Films

  14. Tour Tape 2013 (sicsic062)
    Bird People / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

  15. Hillboggle (sicsic056)

  16. Rising Interiors (sicsic057)
    Space Habitat

  17. Split (sicsic055)
    Asio Otus / Innercity

  18. Superbrain (sicsic060)

  19. Grafamen (sicsic058)
    Suspicion Breeds Confidence

  20. Sensory Overdose (sicsic059)

  21. Digest 54 (sicsic051)

  22. Und unsere Häuser sind Särge (sicsic049)
    Nils Quak

  23. Oust (sicsic050)
    Motion Sickness of Time Travel

  24. Split (sicsic052)
    Wether / Cenote Glow

  25. Calico Sunset (sicsic053)
    Former Selves

  26. Freunde Sein (sicsic048)
    Astro Zwo

  27. This Love of mine (sicsic042)
    Pierrot Lunaire

  28. The Old Truce (sicsic043)
    Digital Natives

  29. Vendetta in Paradise (sicsic044)
    Fluorescent Heights

  30. Van Stekene tot Zomergem (sicsic045)
    Sylvester Anfang II

  31. Savage Times (sicsic046)
    Glass House

  32. In Vienna (sicsic047)
    Flamingo Creatures / Baldruin / Least Carpet / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

  33. present, yet altogether elsewhere (sicsic037)
    Stone Baby

  34. Basement Grotto (sicsic040)

  35. Train Out (sicsic038)
    Bus Gas

  36. Split (sicsic036)
    Sunhiilow / Baldruin

  37. Casually Baroque (sicsic032)

  38. Sky Contours (sicsic041)

  39. Tape Studies (sicsic031)
    Günter Schlienz

  40. Trampelpfad (Split) - (sicsic030)
    Flamingo Creatures / Limpe Fuchs

  41. A Guide To The Sun (sicsic034)
    Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier

  42. Lesser Halogens (sicsic035)
    Rambutan + Parashi

  43. Goshen (sicsic029)
    Isle of Sodor

  44. Echolocation #6 – Short Songs sung from the Guitars (sicsic028)
    Nathan McLaughlin

  45. II (sicsic025)
    Voder Deth Squad

  46. Split (sicsic033)
    mise_en_scene / Gerendás vs. Voigt

  47. Impermanent Nature (sicsic022)
    Lunar Miasma

  48. The Day America Forgot (sicsic026)

  49. There Is A Mirk Inside Here Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse… (sicsic024)
    Wolf Fluorescence

  50. Cymatic Cymbols (sicsic027)
    Venn Rain

  51. Split (sicsic020)
    Bear Bones, Lay Low / Hellvete

  52. Super Mind (sicsic021)

  53. Taivaallisia Tulia (sicsic023)
    Asio Otus

  54. Wisdom from the Stars (sicsic019)

  55. Maenads (sicsic018)
    Sashash Ulz

  56. Illumination (sicsic013)

  57. The Kiss of Life (sicsic015)
    M. Geddes Gengras

  58. Circle of Vaporous Totem (sicsic014)
    Quiet Evenings

  59. The Flooding of Sollipcity (sicsic017)

  60. Split (sicsic016)
    lunchforyou / Trupp zur Sonne / Jewels

  61. Easy Feelings (sicsic011)
    Easy Feelings

  62. Areas in new Minds (sicsic010)
    Hobo Cubes

  63. at Flux Factory / on the A train
    SK Orchestra

  64. It's about apples (sicsic008)

  65. Magnetismustourismus (sicsic007)
    Hering und seine sieben Sachen

  66. Yûrei Yashiki (sicsic006)

  67. CDr (sicsic004)

  68. CDR 2010 (sicsic003)
    Autistic Argonauts

  69. Split (sicsic002)
    Baldruin / Neu Getre

  70. Split (sicsic005)
    Baldruin / Least Carpet


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